Pernille Bech-Larsen & Boa Kim & Victor Mihaita

AWOW: International, Visionary, and Fun

Pernille Bech-Larsen, 34, Boa Kim, 30, and Victor Mihaita, 24, from South Korea / Denmark

This designer-trio is inspired by the contrasts that occur in the interplay between two cultures and very different backgrounds. The trio members are originally from Asia and Scandinavia. They quickly discovered several similarities, such as the use of colours, minimalism and focus on design.

Pernille, Kim and Victor applied for AWOW due to their love of technology, art and fashion – and because they thought it would be fun.

“AWOW is a great opportunity to show how art and technology can be combined in daily life. It’s an interesting platform for young designers.”

This trio have a great interest in presenting technology in an aesthetic way, and to create an inspired interest in the field of lightning design.