Dana Jasinkevica

AWOW: Design, technology, collaboration

Dana Jasinkevica, 24, from Latvia

Dana’s main inspiration for her designs is the exploration of jacquard material in combination with technology. She uses “glow in the dark” technology in knitting combined with Interactive LED technology to illuminate garment silhouettes. It allows the wearer to be permanently visible in the dark.

Dana’s design consists of knitted inner parts of garment created on the circular jacquard knitting machine – this helps direct the silhouette of the garment. She has achieved different shapes by stretching and coating the material. As a result, the outline knitting of ”glow in the dark” yarn and hidden LED wire creates a glowing silhouette on the wearer.

“I am very pleased to be one of the eight finalists. The project makes me think from a whole new perspective”.

Dana is a motivated and curious Latvian designer, who studies at the Swedish School of Textiles. Dana thought of AWOW as a challenging project because of its collaborations and use of new technology. She hopes that all participants will create a great show together and that she wins the prize, of course.